Lindesnes Zero Emission

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Lindesnes Zero Emission

Insulation GE Healthcare Lindenes is carrying out a major environmental project to meet new directives on emissions to the sea and air. Emissions will be reduced by more than 90 per cent.

The project includes new construction of approximately 8,000m2.

Thermion is insulating four tanks of about 800 m3/each with acid-resistant sheet metal as a surface coating.

Japrotek Oy
GE Healthcare Lindesnes
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Evaporation Gruvön Mill

Thermion was entrusted with the insulation work for Billerud's "Evaporation" project at the Gruvön paper mill in Grums.
Bilderna visar typiska madrasslösningar utförda av Thermion

ST1 - GPU Project

In total, about 7200 valves and flanges were insulated with this type of removable and fixed insulation.

Volvo TB2

In total, Thermion installed about 4,000 square metres of aluzinc and mesh in several layers.