Enjoy an exciting career at Thermion

Do you dream of a career in a company that rewards and challenges its talented people? Do you want to be able to work internationally and continuously develop skills?

Focus on employees

We are a company that acts professionally towards customers and is a good workplace that we are proud of and where we are really good at helping each other. The individual employee has the direct responsibility for his/her own tasks and thus a joint responsibility for the whole work - a basic principle of freedom under responsibility. Including that the individual experiences confidence in what he/she does and that the individual knows how others/management see the efforts the individual gives. Every employee and manager enjoys and experiences peace of mind and perspective in their working life, that there is respect for their work and that everyone experiences openness, understanding, trust and respect in everyday life. That there is room for differences and that the individual is heard.

Education and training

Our most important resource is our specially trained staff, which we constantly update with relevant courses. The training of our employees allows us to streamline project management, increase flexibility and minimise costs for our clients.

Good leaders

At Thermion we have adopted some principles of good management. They are an important part of good management practice and a necessary condition for Thermion to develop as a dynamic and market-leading company.

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