Thermion: an amazing growth adventure over 40 years

Thermion has its origins in Norisol A/S, which was started in Boeslunde on 1 May 1977 by Bent Mortensen. The plan then was for the company to be a small local insulation business with 20-25 employees, working with the local power stations and refineries in Skælskør and Kalundborg.

However, the business quickly experienced growing pains and before long we had a staff of around 100 people and the market covered the whole of Denmark. The premises became too small and we decided to move to new, larger premises at Industrivej 33 in Skælskør.

The business then grew rapidly during the 1980s and 1990s and a number of acquisitions of companies in Denmark, Sweden and Norway were made. As a result, Norisol became a major player in the Scandinavian market with 1200 employees and a turnover of over DKK 1 billion.

In 2017, the Norwegian company was sold and new investors bought Norisol in 2018. Then Per Christensen, via the family-owned company MS2 invest, became our main owner. Then we were about 700 employees in Denmark and Sweden working in the market areas of energy, industry, marine and construction.

In 2020, the Swedish part, NS Norisol Sverige AB, was purchased by Mimir Invest. NS Norisol Sverige AB has thus changed its name to Thermion and was separated from Norisol into an independent company in 2021. Thermion's 175 employees are distributed in 15 offices from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. Together with our new owners, our work in HVAC, energy efficiency and the industrial sector continues and we continue our efforts to develop and refine our offer according to our customers' needs and interests.