We solve the task

We constantly strive to improve our projects so that they are carried out efficiently and at the same time generate value for the customer and us.

This means that we focus on creating optimal solutions in all contexts. By initiating a close dialogue with our customers, competent employees and business contacts as early as possible in the process, we ensure successful development.

Effective thermal or cold insulation provides quick economic benefits. The payback period on investments in technical insulation is surprisingly short and they also provide major environmental benefits where CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. The choice of insulation material varies according to the nature of the task, the media and ambient temperature and the physical location of the installation. Examples include pipe installations, cold rooms, ventilation, refrigeration plants, ships and/or tank farms.

It is often necessary to have a surface cladding on the outside of the insulation, both for increased durability and any technical requirements, hygiene requirements, external circumstances, etc. but not least for aesthetic reasons. There are various forms of materials for surface cladding such as plastic sheet, steel sheet, aluminium sheet, stainless steel sheet, painted sheet, etc. We manufacture the sheet metal parts with great precision in our sheet metal workshop, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for sheet metal processing.

We want to make it easy for you and take care of everything from planning and dimensioning to the execution of the installation, whether it is a new construction, remodelling, renovation or ongoing maintenance. In collaboration with our customers, we find the optimal solutions to the challenges we face. Our efficient and competent departments ensure that the contract is carried out on time with quality and at the right price.

Industrial insulation

In the industrial insulation segment, we bring together our assignments for industry. These include energy and protective insulation - usually with a surface coating of sheet metal.

We insulate pipes and equipment at CHP plants, in the process and manufacturing industry. The assignments range from complete insulation contracts for large investments in boilers, process equipment, petrochemical plants, biogas, etc. to being a flexible partner for small and quick assignments and ongoing maintenance at our customers' sites.

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